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What Is Collective Giving?

In collective giving or "giving circles", like-minded people come together to support shared causes.

They pool their resources and decide collectively where, when and how to award grants. Giving as a group, donors are able to achieve a greater impact than they might alone. Collective giving offers a number of benefits including a higher level of engagement, social connectivity and the freedom to make significant contributions to several different organizations.

How It Works

Collective giving can be thought of as three key steps: give, vote and grant.

Stephanie Cost
"Working together has exponentially more impact than doing anything on our own." Stephanie Cost, Legacy Member and Steering Committee At-Large Member
  • Give – Every year, $1,100 of each Member’s annual contribution goes to the grants pool. In addition, from time to time, additional donations are made to the WGA grants pool to increase the amount of monies available for strategic grantmaking. This “partner funding” also benefits local nonprofit agencies and the women and girls that they serve.
  • Vote – With "one Member, one vote", Members ratified proposed grants.
  • Grant – In 2022, WGA awarded $660,000 to seventeen area nonprofits to transform the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida.

Benefits of Collective Giving

There are many benefits to collective giving. In addition to multiplying individual gifts to achieve a greater impact, collective giving offers a variety of advantages for donors:

Barbara Harrell
“The power of collective giving has a special place in my overall giving strategy. WGA, with its research, collective wisdom and expertise is able to leverage my financial contribution to its maximum potential for women and girls in northeast Florida – and I think that delivers a bigger impact over time.” Barbara Harrell, past WGA President
  • A higher level of engagement – People support what they help build. As donors decide how to distribute monies and are otherwise involved in the grantmaking process, they become more attuned to community needs and more invested in outcomes.
  • Deeper understanding of issues –  Educational events and advocacy opportunities build knowledge, helping donors to make more informed decisions.
  • Independence – Giving circles maintain independence by not affiliating with any single nonprofit. Donors are free to explore new opportunities and, at times, take a venture capitalist approach.
  • Strategic philanthropists – Donors learn how to achieve significant change together.
  • Social connectivity – Members can choose to volunteer and participate in events together, and actively build their community.

Join WGA

WGA Members pool their charitable funds to achieve a bigger impact. Because collective giving involves Members in deciding what the needs are and where to direct our grants, it enriches the experience for all of us. We can target issues that are important to both our Members and the community. Join us in the collective giving movement and become a Member of WGA.

"I was involved in establishing a Women's Fund as part of our Community Foundation in Wisconsin - and now I am pleased to be involved with WGA. Collective giving for most people makes a great deal of sense as well as making a big difference."

- Retired grandmother of five in Nassau County -

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