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Beyond Northeast Florida

Women will inherit 70% of $59 trillion in inter-generational wealth over the next 50 years. But just 7% of charitable giving currently focuses on programs for women and girls.*

WGA Leadership with Colleen Willoughby
WGA Past President Paula Liang, Past President Sandy Cook and 2nd Vice President Dale Clifford met with Colleen Willoughby (second from right), Founder of the Washington Women's Fund, at the 2014 WCGN Conference in St. Louis. An article about Willoughby inspired WGA's founding in 2001.
An inaugural group met in the spring of 2015 to launch the Florida Women's Funding Alliance. WGA is one of FWFA's founding members.

Fortunately, women’s philanthropy is growing in Florida and across the country. New funds, giving circles and other forms of philanthropy are taking shape to focus on giving by and for women and girls.

Women United To Give

The women's collective giving movement began in the 1990's, and advanced considerably when Colleen Willoughby of Seattle founded the Washington Women's Fund in 1995. Others soon followed suit, including WGA in 2001. WGA is one of more than 200 women's giving groups in the United States and abroad. In one way or another, all of these collective giving organizations pool women's contributions, make grants to worthy organizations and encourage members to become strategic philanthropists.

Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN)

WCGN Conference Header

WCGN National Leadership Forum (March 12-14, 2017)

The Women’s Collective Giving Grantmaker’s Network (WCGN) (see below) is a network of 48 women’s collective giving groups representing more than 13,000 women. Every 18 months, WCGN collaborates with its member organizations to sponsor a multi-day educational conference and celebration of women’s leadership in philanthropy. The sixth national forum was in Atlantic Beach this March 12-14, proudly hosted by WGA.

WCGN Leadership Forums promote face-to-face networking among members and guests. In addition, there are inspirational speakers in the field of philanthropy, educational workshops, and panel discussions on a variety of topics. 

Nationally, the Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN) supports the creation, development and expansion of women's collective giving grantmaking. 

Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers NetworkGiving groups within the WCGN are united by a shared commitment to pooled giving, member education and a democratic grantmaking process. Together, WCGN organizations have given $80 million to nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. The network shares best practices about membership, grantmaking and governance, and inspires strategic philanthropy through webinars, online chats and national conferences.

Florida Women's Funding Alliance (FWFA)

FWFAThrough The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, WGA helped to found the Florida Women's Funding Alliance, an affiliate of the Florida Philanthropic Network. FWFA and its members envision a Florida where women and girls thrive.

FWFA released a groundbreaking report in December 2016 on The Status of Women in Florida by County: Poverty & Opportunity. The report, written by the Institute for Women's Policy Rsearch in Washington, D.C., ranks Florida nationally as 47th for women. Paula Liang, past president of Women's Giving Alliance and co-chairwoman of the FWFA, terms the ranking "dismal." According to the report, women in Florida have higehr rates of poverty, lower educational attainment and lower access to health insurance coverage than U.S. women overall.  The report is the first in a series of four publications on the status of women in Florida. To view the full report and related information, click here. To view media coverage of the report, go to WGA's newsroom

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