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Our Grantmaking

WGA Grants Decision Team

Since 2002, WGA has awarded more than $7.6 million in grants. More than the dollars, we're proud of our strategic approach. WGA's “one Member, one vote” principle and the varied talents of the 60-70 Grants Committee Volunteers are central to our three-part process. As a Membership organization, our Members collectively donate funds to improve the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida. And it is our Members who ultimately decide which agencies receive Grant Pool funds each year.

Our Grantmaking Process

WGA's Grants Committee is made up of three Volunteer teams. Members see grants through from decision to evaluation and impact. Our grantmaking begins with careful decision-making. Our evaluation process places great emphasis on collaborating with nonprofit grantees during their two-year grants.

We strive not only to be good stewards of our investment, but to also share learnings and fine-tune projects as we go. We are continually scanning the horizon and conducting research to make sure we are focusing on the highest impact areas for women and girls in Northeast Florida.

Click here to see a list of our most recent grants.

Grants Decision Team

Leadership Team

The Decision Team's 30-40 Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They go through a rigorous set of checkpoints to understand grant proposals, identify questions and concerns, make site visits and ultimately rank the proposals for funding. The Decision Team's recommendations are put to vote at the Membership Annual Meeting each October.

There are three types of Decision Team Volunteers, all making specialized contributions:

  • Core Team Members read all proposals, conduct site visits and make final recommendations
  • Volunteer Readers read all proposals and submit comments electronically
  • Financial Committee Members analyze the financial statements of all agencies submitting proposals

Throughout the process, Team Members receive common training and adhere to a strict code of confidentiality and ethics regarding Letters of Interest (LOIs), Request for Proposals (RFPs) and the decision-making process.

Decision Team Timeline

The Decision Team calendar varies from year to year, but generally the Team follows a similar timeline [PDF].

Grants Evaluation Team

The 12-20 members of the Evaluation Team serve as liaisons between WGA and our nonprofit grantee agencies. The Evaluation Team focuses on two responsibilities:

  1. Foster a collaborative process to learn how WGA can adjust and improve outcomes for grantee agencies and the community as a whole
  2. Ensure that WGA is a good steward of Members' contributions to the Grant Pool

The Evaluation Team monitors progress throughout the grant cycle to ensure agencies meet goals and objectives specified in the grant, and that grants have the intended impact.

During periodic site visits, Evaluation Team Members observe progress and outcomes while looking for areas of success as well as challenges. After site visits, Evaluation Members complete Interim Reports that trigger funding payments to agencies and also provide valuable research information to the Grants Committee.

Grants Impact Team

Comprised of approximately a dozen WGA members, the Impact Team takes a long-term view in assessing the impact of what we do, as well as updating WGA’s baseline research on the status of girls and women in Northeast Florida to ensure WGA’s focus remains current. Focus and Impact are critical parts of our strategic philanthropy and grantmaking philosophy.

Join The Grants Committee

Interested in shaping and contributing to the inner workings of our grantmaking process? Volunteer as a Grants Committee Member or Volunteer Reader.






WGA Grantmaking Goals & Guiding Principles

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Joanne Cohen, J.D.

Joanne Cohen, J.D.
Vice President,
Philanthropic Services
The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida


In Her Own Words

Trisha Meili

"The Evaluation Team is a great WGA committee. You get firsthand experience of the work of the agencies we fund."

– Trisha Meili, past Co-Chair, WGA Grants Evaluation Team

LaWanda Ravoira

“WGA was one of the first organizations to sit down and really listen to what was happening to girls involved in the juvenile justice system…and they took action. The programs we developed with the support of WGA have received national recognition and now are being replicated and expanded.”

– Lawanda Ravoira, President & CEO, Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center

Marion Tischler

“I don't know of any organization that I give to that includes its members in such a thorough evaluation of its grants. I know my money is well spent and that WGA really cares about insight and impact.”

– Marion Tischler, Member, WGA Grants Evaluation Team and WGA Legacy Member

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