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Information for Current Grantees

Hubbard House We take pride in our collaborative grant evaluation process and financial stewardship of Members' funds. We look to our nonprofit partners for feedback to continually refine processes, improve outcomes and maximize impact.

Evaluation Process

WGA's Evaluation Team monitors progress throughout the grant cycle to assess progress and address any issues. During this time, we focus on two key questions:

  1. Is the agency meeting the goals and objectives specified in the grant?
  2. Is the grant having the intended impact?

Evaluators are grouped in pairs or a group of three. They typically visit grantees twice during the grant cycle – once in May of the first year and again in January of the second year. After each visit, the Evaluation Group completes an Interim Grant Report assessing the progress of the grant objectives and the impact of the grant.The Grants Evaluation Team Co-Chairs approve this Interim Report, and The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida provides the basis for periodic payment of grant funds. At the end of the grant cycle, grantees complete a Final Grant Report. Final payment is made after the report is reviewed.

Timeline & Key Dates

Specific dates change from year to year. Please use the general timeline below as a reference.

Year 1

Late Oct
Grants ratified and announced
Nov Contracting, first payment (35%)
April / May
First site visit
June Second payment (25%), assuming satisfactory site visit

Year 2

Jan Second site visit
Feb Third payment (30%), assuming satisfactory site visit
Nov Agencies submit final grant reports
Dec Final payment (10%), assuming satisfactory final grant report


For a detailed schedule, download our current Evaluation Process Calendar. Looking for more information on WGA grant evaluations? Learn more about our grantmaking.

Interim & Final Grant Reports

The Interim Report Form is a generic template. In practice, this is customized for each grantee. There is a similar template for the Final Grant Report, which is also customized.



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