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Ellen Wiss
"We all know that the 'whole person' is key, that mental health and physical health are inextricably linked. And yet the systems for mental health and physical health are almost completely separate." – Ellen Wiss, WGA Past President, welcomes participants to a panel discussion on mental health in Northeast Florida.

Education is key to bringing attention to issues and inspiring action. Throughout the year, WGA develops and hosts a number of programs to expand the knowledge of WGA Members, policy makers, the media and the general public. Education is a fundamental component of our strategic philanthropy.

Educational Events

WGA Educational Events are held throughout Northeast Florida, in locations that vary from museums and television studios to lecture halls and Members' homes. Some are mid-day, while others are held after work. Some are catered events or optional brown-bag lunches. Some are intimate discussions with only a handful of attendees while others seat a few hundred people.

Our events balance multiple objectives:

  • Education about strategic philanthropy
  • Lectures from experts about our focus area (currently Breaking the Cycle of Female Poverty: Intervention and Prevention)
  • Visits to our grantees' sites (e.g. BEAM hosts WGA) to see  their challenges and the impact of our funding firsthand
  • Background and context for important advocacy issues (e.g. sex trafficking)
  • Education about local issues impacting women in our local neighborhoods, Jacksonville and Northeast Florida

Replying to a recent survey, WGA members responded favorably to our program of events, saying,

  • "Considering the size of the Jacksonville area, WGA does a wonderful job getting to many different locations."
  • "I like that daytime events are usually during the lunch hour, start promptly and end on time. WGA is respectful of our time and schedules."
  • "WGA has done a great job identifying important issues and pressing topics to help us impact the girls and women in our community."
  • "I have learned about many urgent issues that were completely off my radar before, and I am grateful for that."

Join us! Choose educational events that work best for you, your schedule and your interests. You can also learn more about issues by browsing our research and resources as well as our advocacy activities.




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Michelle Braun

“The stigma of mental illness definitely contributes to the chronically underfunded nature of our mental health system." – Michelle Braun, CEO of the United Way of Northeast Florida and Chair of the JCCI Community Inquiry on Mental Heath

Moderator Audrey Moran leads six distinguished panelists in a discussion of the difference in leadership styles between men and women - and why it matters. Panelists include Melissa Beaudry, Donna Orender, Pam Paul, Sabeen Perwaiz, Madeline Scales-Tayor, and Dr. Wenying Xu.  A Women's Giving Alliance Education program; filmed at WJCT Studio A, March 16, 2016.

Kiki Karpen MOCA painting

Art, music, yoga and other therapeutic activities can complement mental health treatment and make a dramatic difference in patients' lives. At Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), a nationally recognized program helps students with autism spectrum disorders to experience new means of self-expression and communication. WGA Member Kiki Karpen views a student's painting following a WGA lecture.

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