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Women In LibraryWGA publishes resources and updates for both our Members and the community. Download our brochures, read our latest news and explore a wider perspective within our annual reports. Visit our newsroom for media releases and resources, or browse our research library for reports and data on issues impacting women and girls.

WGA Mental Health ReportMental Health Strategic Focus (2012–2018) Final Impact Report — Executive Summary

In 2012, WGA Members elected to concentrate all of WGA’s philanthropic resources on a single strategic focus: improving access to mental health services for women and girls. Awarding nearly $2 million in two-year grants between 2012 and 2016, WGA’s strategic philanthropy produced notable results, as detailed in the Mental Health Strategic Focus (2012–2018) Final Impact Report. Download the executive summary [PDF] for key report findings, or read the full report [PDF].


Stronger Voices ... Better LivesVoices of Hope: Cracking the code on some complex issues (2016)

Just in time for our 15th anniversary! Updated WGA research on the status of women and girls in Northeast Florida identifies four key issues and potential effective steps forward. Download the report [PDF] and/or study the data, best practices, and links to original sources in our in-depth Research section.

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2020 WGA Annual Report

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eNews (Member Newsletters)  

  • October 2021 (National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Volunteer Opportunities, Proposed Member Contribution Reallocation, Annual Meeting, 'Lunching with Legislators' recap)
  • September 2021 (Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Proposed Member Dues Reallocation, 20th Anniversary Luncheon, Support Afghan Refugees, Annual Meeting)
  • August 2021 (Summer Updates: New WGA Director, 20th Anniversary Save the Date, New WGA Elected Slate, Member Survey, Agency Convening Session)
  • June 2021 (Member Forum, 2021 Grants, Annual Report, 20th Anniversary, Goodbye Teri, WGA Strives for Inclusion first)
  • May 2021 (Tomorrow Together: Member Forum, Upcoming 20th Anniversary, Delta Sigma Theta Grant Recap, WGA's Mental Health impact)
  • April 2021 (Volunteering: Heart & Soul of WGA, Member Forum, Advocacy, TCF/WGA Job Opening)
  • March 2021 (Women's History Month, Founders, Member Nominations, Member Forum, Help Wanted)
  • February 2021 (Black History Month, DEI, 904Ward, Member Survey, Yolanda Johnson)
  • January 2021 (904Ward, Downtown Connector, Remembering Joan Van Vleck)
  • December 2020 (New Communications Consultant, 20th Anniversary Planning)
  • November 2020 (Jan Healy's incoming message, Virtual Meeting Video, WGA highligted in the Florida TU, Annual Report)

eNews Archive


  • December 2020 (New Communications Consultant, 20th Anniversary Planning)
  • November 2020 (Jan Healy's incoming message, Virtual Meeting Video, WGA highligted in the Florida TU, Annual Report)
  • October 2020 (Mary Pietan's outgoing message, WGA mention in "Stanford Social Innovation Review", Strategic Plan, Poverty's Impact on Children, Connector Events)
  • June 2020 (Grants Milestone, Virtual Meeting Video, Detail on 2020 Grants)
  • May 2020 (Member Forum, Annual Report, Factors Impacting Women in Poverty, COVID 19 response)
  • April 2020 (COVID-19 update, Wenger Challenge, Member survey, Philanos (formerly Catalist) Conference)
  • March 2020 (Women's History Month, Onboarding, Advocacy)
  • February 2020 (Gender Equity in Philanthropy, LOIs, Advocacy Trip to Tallahassee)
  • January 2020 (Wenger 2-1 Match for 2020 grant pool, JAX Chamber "Elevate Women")


  • December 2019 (Wenger 2-1 Match for 2020 grant pool, Jacksonville Women's Leadership Coalition)
  • November 2019 (Giving Thanks, Annual Meeting, Grants Process, Catholic Charities Visit)
  • October 2019 (New Town Neighborhood Tour)
  • September 2019 (Member Forum photos, WGA Advocacy, Catalist Conference)
  • May 2019 (Member Forum, Final Impact Report on Mental Health, New Grants, Catalist Conference 2020)
  • April 2019 (Family Literacy Program (Expanded Horizons) at the Women’s Center)
  • March 2019 (Girl Scouts of Gateway Council)
  • February 2019 (WGA Advocacy in Tallahassee, the Nonprofit Center, Honoring Our Leaders)
  • January 2019 (Funding the 2019 Grant Pool, WGA Advocacy in Tallahassee)



  • December 2017 (Sulzbacher Center, WGA Women in the Spotlight)
  • November 2017 (Outstanding Civic Organization Award, Annual Meeting, First Grants Approved for “Breaking the Cycle of Female Poverty”, Volunteers Needed for Grants, 4Sight Initiative)
  • October 2017 (Annual Meeting, New Officers, Hurricane Relief)
  • September 2017 (Panel on Influence, New Member Coffee, Strictly Social, Women’s Center of Jacksonville)
  • May 2017 (Rethreaded, Member Forum, DBW 4Sight Approved)
  • April 2017  (Mental Health America, WGA Philanthropic Organization Award)
  • March 2017  (DBW 4Sight & WCGN Leadership Forum, Advocacy, Events)
  • February 2017 (Barnabas, DBW 4Sight & WCGN Leadership Forum)
  • January 2017 (New Research, WCGN Conference & More)


  • December 2016 (Grantees, History & New Members)
  • November 2016 (Annual Meeting Highlights)
  • October 2016 (New Officers, Funding for the Future, Visit to Grant Recipient Barnabas)
  • September 2016 (“I Am A Philanthropist” course, St. Johns Riverkeeper, New Member Coffee, Table for 4)
  • May 2016 (Women Veterans, WGA & Social Media, Member Feedback Sessions, Strictly Social, YouTube link for Women in Leadership Panel Discussion at WJCT)
  • April 2016 (Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Women in Leadership Panel Discussion at WJCT, Open Doors Appropriation Approved)
  • March 2016 (WGA’s Newest Research Unveiled, WGA Member Forum, Rethreaded at Amelia Island)
  • February 2016 (The Way Free Medical Clinic, WGA’s Newest Research Background, Advocacy Update / Travel to Tally, One Love Foundation)
  • January 2016 (Advocacy: "Power of One" – Focus on Sex Trafficking)


  • December 2015 (Grants Impact Team, New Website, Advocacy Update / Open Doors)
  • November 2015 (2015 Grantees, Volunteers Needed in Grants Process, New Website, WCGN Conference in Charlotte, Visit to BEAM)
  • October 2015 (New Officers, Spotlight on Advocacy Committee, Jessie Ball duPont Fund / Women in Philanthropy event, Connector Event / North Beaches)
  • May 2015 (Grants Decision Team, Nominations New Process, Advocacy Update)
  • April 2015 (Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, Advocacy Update, Strictly Social / One Spark, Building a Better Jacksonville / Unity Plaza)
  • March 2015 (Betty Griffin House, Member Forum (Mental Health First Aid / DBW Fellows Inaugural Class)
  • February 2015 (Grants Evaluation Team: Pace, Women’s Center, I.M. Sulzbacher, Volunteers in Medicine; Advocacy: Sex Trafficking – Making a Difference; “Nine in 15” Event, Grants Decision Team Training Session)
  • January 2015 (Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare, Survey Results)

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Previous Research Reports

Stronger Voices...Better Lives (2012)
This study is in celebration of Women’s Giving Alliance’s ten years of grantmaking. It updates the 2004 report, highlighting areas of improvement and continued need. Download executive summary [PDF].

Voices Heard...Women and Girls Speak (2004)
This study was the first comprehensive look at the status of women and girls in Northeast Florida. It served as a guide to WGA’s early years of grant­making. Download executive summary [PDF].

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