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The Community Foundation

You've probably read that WGA is “an initiative of The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida”. What does that mean? Why is it important?

A Partner Since WGA’s Early Days

Nina Waters and Paula Liang
Nina Waters, president of The Community Foundation, and Paula Liang, past president of WGA, welcome Members and guests to a WGA event.

In many ways, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida (TCF) is the “mother ship” for WGA. WGA's link to TCF goes back to 1999. At the time, WGA Founder Courtenay Wilson had just finished ten years as a trustee of The Community Foundation. She understood that TCF – with its mission to stimulate philanthropy to build a better community – was the perfect place to incubate what was, at that time, a novel concept.

And so Courtenay enlisted other current and former TCF trustees: Ann Baker, Doris Carson, Delores Barr Weaver and Helen Lane. She knew their experience with TCF would help ground their effort for the long-term. These five pioneers were encouraged and guided by TCF leadership, who had the knowledge and experience to help set WGA on a path to strength and longevity.

Continued Support

The Community Foundation continues to play a vital role in the life of WGA, offering a wealth of philanthropic services, expertise, financial stewardship and staff support. Members can view the WGA/TCF Operating Agreement for more information about our partnership.

“I love WGA because it is so prudent in its processes, and I feel TCF is a good steward of our money. I really love that our family decides individually and collectively where our charitable funds are designated.”

- Laine Silverfield, WGA Legacy Member -

With more than 59 years experience, over 660 funds established and deep roots in the regional nonprofit sector, TCF knows how to help WGA members, individuals, families, organizations and corporations take full advantage of charitable giving opportunities. With WGA since the very beginning, TCF provides consistency and permanency for WGA as its leadership and membership rotate and evolve.






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WGA Member Laine Silverfield

WGA Member Laine Silverfield and her husband also have a donor-advised fund. How can we help you with your philanthropy?

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