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Stories of Impact

As we go about our work, many of our Members and nonprofit partners tell us their lives are forever changed. Their stories speak to the individual potential within each of us, and the power of WGA as a whole. Small gifts add up to create significant change. Not just for the women and girls whom we serve, but for our families, communities and – it is our hope – your life as well.

Domestic Violence Rising During the Pandemic

During the month of October, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, WGA focuses on domestic violence in our community and discusses this with one of our grantees, Hubbard House, a full-service certified domestic violence shelter serving Duval and Baker counties.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage MonthWGA’s Grant Supports Program with New Spanish-Speaking Coordinator

As WGA celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, we highlight one of WGA’s Grants – Barnabas Center’s Hope Builders for Women Program. The program focuses on housing, healthcare, employment, and works to address the inequities associated with a lack of income and education resources.

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2021 Agency Convening SessionAgency Convening Session Held This Summer

For the first time in two years, the Grants Leadership Team hosted an in-person Annual Agency Convening Session for 26 active grantees supporting the Breaking the Cycle of Female Poverty strategic initiative. The Cummer Museum provided a special backdrop for this gathering of iconic non-profits who, through the first four years of the initiative, have supported over 8,200 women and girls through WGA grants. While we learned how highly adaptable and resilient they've been to date, these non-profits are facing increased demands to support the most severely impacted demographic of the pandemic, women and girls.

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Impact on Mental HealthImpact on Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month which gives us a great opportunity to review the impact of our Mental Health grantmaking focus from 2012 until 2018. WGA chose this area because of obvious need: Florida ranked 50th in the United States for per capita mental health funding, and Northeast Florida was the second lowest for per capita funding in the state.

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WGA FoundersWomen’s History Month Calls to Mind WGA’s Founders

It is Women’s History Month. What better time to re-visit the history of WGA through the eyes of someone who was there at the beginning, Courtenay Wilson. She is one of five amazing women who founded the Women’s Giving Alliance.

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