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Stories of Impact

As we go about our work, many of our Members and nonprofit partners tell us their lives are forever changed. Their stories speak to the individual potential within each of us, and the power of WGA as a whole. Small gifts add up to create significant change. Not just for the women and girls whom we serve, but for our families, communities and – it is our hope – your life as well.

Barbara Sharp and Kirsten MartinoConnecting with Nonprofits, Women & Girls

Over the years, we've learned there's no substitute for observing and hearing about issues firsthand. As part of our collaborative grants process, our Members visit nonprofit agencies and learn how they are helping at-risk women and girls. Site visits are inspiring, eye-opening and oftentimes very emotional experiences for WGA Volunteers.

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Peggy SchiffersA Member’s Commitment Awakens A Community

WGA Member Peggy Schiffers galvanized WGA to focus on mental health for women and girls in Northeast Florida. She then went on to profoundly influence the work of two other Jacksonville organizations and the community at large.

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Katariina RosenblattOpening Our Eyes To A Pervasive Problem

One of the most surprising results of our work in mental health is discovering just how widespread sex trafficking is in our region and nationwide. Stories of serial child abuse have spurred our members into action, with a fierce determination to create lasting change.

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Northeast Florida Women VeteransFunding A Survey with Far-Reaching Benefit

Duval County is home to 12,000 women veterans, more than any other county in the state. Many of these women fall through the cracks when trying to secure services such as childcare, employment training, housing assistance or mental health care. With the help of WGA, Dee Quaranta, a 20-year Air Force Veteran, decided to do something about it.

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BEAM visitVisit to WGA Grant Recipient BEAM

BEAM (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministries) provides wraparound services to low-income single mothers to help their families achieve long-term self-sufficiency. On a beautiful sunny day, some 30 WGA members gathered at BEAM in Jacksonville Beach for a chance to tour the agency and enjoy a lunch made from BEAM’s organic Grace Garden.

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Read our grantee success stories to learn more about area nonprofits and the difference they're making in our community each and every day.

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