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Neighborhood Connector Groups

WGA ConnectorsNeighborhood Connector Groups grew out of Members’ interest in getting to know one another in small, close-to-home settings. Activities depend on the interests and ideas of the Members in each area and include periodic gatherings. Although local in focus, all WGA Members are welcome and encouraged to attend any Connector Group event – and to bring a friend!

Just find your zip code/Connector Group and join us at an upcoming Neighborhood Connector Group event by logging in as a Member! Although local in focus, any member is welcome and encouraged to attend any Neighborhood Connector event – and to bring a friend! All we ask is that you RSVP so the host can plan accordingly.

Get Connected!

Download Zip Code Directory [PDF]

It's easy to link up with WGA Members in your neighborhood and other areas in Northeast Florida. Just find your zip code/Connector Group and join us! There's no need to sign up or complete any paperwork. You're free to participate with the Connector Group for your zip code – or mingle with all nine!

Each Neighborhood Connector Group is led by one or more "Connectors". Connectors are your go-to resource for all things WGA. Connectors coordinate two or more neighborhood events each year – usually one in the early spring and another in the fall. Connectors also send out event reminders, organize car pools and gather Member feedback as requested.

Neighborhood Connector Groups

For contact information for your Connector Chair and for a list of other members in your Connector Group, please log in to the Connector List section of our member directory.

Connector Events

North Beaches Connector EventOur Connector events are informal gatherings – noon-time meetups, wine and cheese get-togethers or brown-bag lunches. They're frequently hosted by Members in their homes. Thus, we do not list them in our main calendar. Instead, they're in a special Connectors section in the For Members Only section. Just go to Members Only, log in, and click on "Neighborhood Connector Events" near the bottom of the menu.

Remember, any Member is welcome and encouraged to attend any Connector event – and to bring a friend! Just RSVP to help our hostesses with planning. See you there!











Rachael Mueller

“There are 24 hours in a day so why not fill them with the most important things? Family, career and WGA are always at the top of my list. From committees to social and educational events, WGA gives me the opportunity to connect with strong women and make a difference in the community.”

– Rachael Mueller, JD, Chief Development Officer - Hope Haven

Tara Braithwaite

“After meeting some genuinely fun ladies at a WGA event, I was encouraged to take a more active role. I wasn’t sure I could with a husband and young daughter while also working. I’m happy to say I found a committee where I participate online or by phone with the time available.”

– Tara Braithwaite, Realtor

Anita Vining

"I rarely attend WGA events, but I write my check every year faithfully because I know the grants are wisely chosen, and do so much good in this community."

– Anita Vining, Realtor

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