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Grants Commiittee Training Looking to get involved with WGA in a more formal role? Lend your time and talents to one (or more!) of our committees: Advocacy, Communications, Connectors (Membership), Education, Finance, or Grants. We welcome your ideas and talents!

Our Committees

The Steering Committee establishes the strategic direction and management of WGA. Our committees perform vital tasks such as reviewing and recommending grants, scheduling education events and managing WGA's finances. Learn more about each committee and see the committee co-chairs below, or see our governance page for more information on WGA leadership.

To volunteer for a committee, please contact the Committee Chairs (log in to see Committee Descriptions and Contact Information under Committee Working Materials). Curious about one-time or short-term commitments? Browse our volunteer opportunities.


Explores ways WGA can extend its impact through non-partisan activities to influence public policy aligned with WGA's mission, as well as current and past WGA grants.  Co-Chairs: Poppy Decunto and Saralyn Grass.

Communications & Marketing

Keeps Members up-to-date on WGA news and events. Shares information with potential Members and the broader public. Chair: TriciaRae Stancato.


Responsible for the recruitment and retention of WGA members. Co-Chairs: Susan Rodgers and Wanda Willis.

  • Connectors organize small neighborhood gatherings designed to be social and informative in nature. 
  • Onboarding personally welcomes all new members and facillitates connecting them with the many resources of WGA. Co-Chairs: Amanda Crawford and Jacqueline Williams.
  • The Events Team makes our large events happen, namely the Annual Meeting and Member Forum (both luncheons). Co-Chairs: Cathy Brinton and Lauren Hopkins.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Explores actions we can take to become better strategic philanthropists and improve the lives of women and girls through deepening our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Co-Chairs: Ann-Marie Knight and Joni Poitier.


Develops and hosts programs to help expand members’ knowledge of strategic philanthropy, community issues and the impact of WGA’s grants. Co-Chairs: Tara Braithwaite and Heather Corey.


Meets quarterly to review financial statements, prepare budgets and address other financial topics that may need to come before WGA’s Leadership Team. Chair: Wendy Ranson, WGA Treasurer.


Solicits and assesses applications for grants and monitors the progress of ongoing grants. This work happens through a senior team and two sub-teams.

  • Grants Leadership Team (GLT) – Coordinates both sub-teams and leads the grants focus recommendation for the next year. The GLT includes the Co-Chairs of each grants team, the WGA president, one Vice President and, occasionally, additional Members with grantmaking expertise. Co-Chairs: Allison Newberry Dennis and Linda Simmons.
  • Grants Decision Team – Responsible for the assessment process and recommends grant funding to the Steering Committee. Members are expected to read all grant applications, participate in mandatory meetings and conduct site visits. The team is assisted by Volunteer Readers who read all proposals and then submit their individual comments electronically, and by the Financial Committee who analyzes the applicants' financial statements. Co-Chairs: Jennifer Kowkabany and Elizabeth Bernardo.
  • Grants Evaluation Team – Responsible for monitoring grant implementation. Members make scheduled on-site visits in pairs and prepare a report identifying progress toward the project’s objectives. This evaluation provides the basis for periodic payment of grant funds. Co-Chairs: Sheila Collier and Irene Phelps.

Volunteers are needed for all of these functions—there are both short-term opportunities (e.g., assist at an event) and more substantial roles (e.g., join or chair a committee).

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