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Delores Barr Weaver 4Sight – A Pathway for Women 40 and Under

Sabeen, Jill, Baby and Aidee

Women 40 and Under - our region's emerging philanthropists - represent the future of WGA. Delores Barr Weaver 4Sight is an opportunity for young women who are passionate about improving the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida to raise their voices and increase their impact through collective giving.

Over the past several years, a pilot program sponsored by WGA Co-Founder and community philanthropist Delores Barr Weaver and other generous women helped build the 40 and under participation to 10 percent of total membership - and this diverse group of motivated young women has already enhanced WGA's community outreach and programming. Thanks to their feedback, we have designed a new approach to engage other like-minded young women through DBW 4Sight.

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Why is WGA a perfect fit for emerging philanthropists?

Imani and Ellen

Here's what our younger philanthropists have told us is important:

  • The impact they can have on the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida – combining their contributions with the gifts of 400 other women can make a real difference, more than individual donations could alone
  • The research-based strategic philanthropy model – knowing that each grant is analyzed according to structured criteria and that all members have a voice in choosing which grants are funded
  • The educational and personal development opportunities – improving leadership and collaboration skills while learning more about the communities of Northeast Florida
  • The connection to key women leaders and philanthropists – the ability to build true relationships with influential local leaders across diverse professions, age groups and neighborhoods
  • Flexible involvement – honoring time commitments at work and family life by not requiring specific volunteer commitments or time logged

4Sight at a Glance

WGA Members

  • Open to all women 40 and under who have never been WGA members
  • First year contribution is $750, discounted from the standard WGA annual investment of $1,500
  • During their introductory year, 4Sight participants have full voting rights, and are encouraged to attend social and educational events, and to join WGA committees
  • 4Sight participants are offered an orientation workshop focused on the personal aspects of strategic philanthropy as well as understanding WGA operations
  • Opportunities to engage with other community-oriented young women

Want to learn more?

Join us for a social gathering explaining WGA's mission and the benefits of collective giving.

To register for the next social – or to ask a question -- contact the 4Sight Coordinator at

Our website offers more information about the structure of WGA, strategic philanthropy, collective giving, and our emphasis on research. You may also want browse our FAQs and glossary and our page for New Members.

Already know you're interested?

We can't wait to have you join us! Join WGA using the DBW 4Sight membership option.

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In Her Own Words

Courtney Weatherby-Hunter

“I was raised on the concept that helping your community is simply a part of life, whether that means volunteering, writing a check, or simply lifting up those around you. WGA embodies those values in a way that fits easily into my life and long-term goals.”

– Courtney Weatherby-Hunter

Tonisha Landry

“Through WGA, I've had the pleasure of connecting with a group of young women with similar interests and rising in their professional careers. I joined for the ‘giving back’ aspect, however gained a group of friends.”

– Tonisha Landry

Spring Behrouz

“Each of us individually only has the bandwidth to identify a select number of problems and devise a few solutions. Using this research-based collective approach, we are able to entertain many options, prioritize plans, and measure outcomes to maximize impact.”

– Spring Behrouz, Ph.D

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245 Riverside Avenue, Suite 310
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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